Wednesday, April 13, 2011 <<< is one of the best she male tube sites that I have ever seen.  If you are into trannies at all, check it out.  They have dozens of categories of tranny videos.  from cross dressers to trannies who fuck guys, to guys who fuck trannies, to ebony, to bare back, to Asian, etc etc.

You can spend hours searching around and watching the different tranny videos.  It is all free and it is a great site. :)


  1. Psychedelic doesn't look like its free to me? Try was subscriber to Brazzers til friend turned me on. Totally free there.

  2. Hey Jacobsonlh - Thanks for the info! I will check out both xnxx and Brazzers.

    I have never paid for Been looking at it almost daily for quite a few months and it is totally free. It should be free for you too. Let me know if it isn't.

    The really good thing about the site is it breaks the videos down to categories, such as shemale fucks guy, or bare back, or ebony, or mature, etc etc.

    You might also wanna check out . Not so much for videos, but a general very good site pertaining to trannies.

    Also, for looking at tranny ads, is a good site, as is in the TS section.

    For tranny escort reviews, check out , click on reviews and then pre-op transsexual. You can only get the basic info for free with out a membership.

    Thanks for the info man!! Post again soon,


  3. Hey Psych,
    Great site you have here. I have a question that only you would have the answer to:
    Which T girls that you know of can be counted on to cum, preferrably via oral (since I haven't broken my asshole in yet!). I happen to enjoy the feeling of cum hitting teh back of my throat but can't find a T Girl that can be counted on. Maybe because I like them with tits and that usually means the dreaded H vitamins that they take.
    I have all but given up on my TS endeavors and figure that you are my last and only hope!


  4. My Brother HH40 !!! Great to see you posting here man!!! Be sure to click on the "FOLLOWERS" icon on the right side bar and stay in touch. Thanks for the kind words on the site too!

    I will list below a few local t-girls who have rock hard cocks that will shoot a nice cum load in your mouth. If ever the time comes when you desire for them to fuck your ass, they will do that too.

    #1. My first suggestion is TS Cinthia. She has a rock hard 7" cock and is like 5' 8" 130 lbs. Speaks broken English, but her universal language of fucking and sucking is divine. The best thing of all, her session fee is only 50 bucks!! This girl loves to suck and fuck and get fucked. I will post her 3 phone #'s below. Google search them and it will lead to her ads. She is located not too far from Commercial Blvd and Dixy Highway. Her #'s are >>> 954 226 7803. Also 954 770 6446 and 754 204 8751. IMO she is the BEST TS value in the tri-county area. This girl is a great time in bed and only 50 bucks. She is young SMART and full of cum!!!

    #2 TS Jessica Blade. A quite pretty girl next door Latin TS. She's 5' 8" 120 lbs with a rock hard cock that shoots cum in your mouth or she'll fuck your ass too. Her half hour session fee was $120. Her phone # is 305 316 5157. Google her # and it will lead to her ads. Also she has a web site. i believe it is

    #3 TS Exotica. Google search her phone #, which is 954 245 5515. She is quite pretty and a very nice girl. She will shoot a nice load of cum in your mouth or fuck your ass if you desire. A fellow brother MakeYouHappy speaks very highly of her too. I believe her session fee was 150.

    #4 TS Jackie. Google search her #, which is 954 667 5236. She goes via quite a few other names. TS Maya is one of them too. Her cock is a slender 5" and she'll shoot a nice cum shot in your mouth or fuck your ass really good too if you like. Her ass is great for plowing too. Her incall fee is 200. She used to be less $$$ back when I saw her and I saw her more than a dozen times (a really hot date) She DFK's like a dream and does every thing else.

    These 4 local TS's should be a good start for ya. Keep in touch and post here and I'll get you some more girls to see and their phone #'s. There are a few TS body rub girls with nice cocks that cum and they have reasonable session fees.

    Great to hear from ya man!!! Post soon!!!


  5. Thanks brother. You are the man!

    I know you've always mentioned Cynthia, but I really enjoy a TS with tits and I don't think she has any.

    I did give Jackie/Maya a shot (literally), and it was a great ass to fuck, but she kinda spoiled it when she said that I couldn't fuck her if she came first. That was a downer, but I did have a good time in her ass!!

    I think Exotica may be the way to go for my next try. I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes.

    I have tried several over the past few years and it seems that the TS girls are usually a disappointment. I'll keep looking, though.

  6. TS Exotica will most definitely be a good choice for you. She's got the breasts that you desire and also a rock hard cock that shoots a cum load. I think if you happen to contact her from her BP ad (back, her rates may be less $$ there than from her Eros ad. It seems most girls raise their fees on Eros cause I think those ads cost them like $100 a week to run.

    If you're up to it, maybe list some of the TS's you've seen and if their cocks were hard and shot a load or not.

    From what I recall of TS Jackie, she was always a great date, but as you mention, once she shoots the load she is not in the mood to really get into the date. From what I recall, we always tried to shoot the load together after a whole bunch of rolling in the hay. I haven't seen her in about a year though.