Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Man Ron Jeremy French Kisses and Anal Fucks Hot Brunette Teen Jada Stevens

 Ron Jeremy is just short of 60 years old.  God bless that old bastard who is still fucking young hot babes and getting paid for it.

Ron is a multimillionaire via his porn industry earnings. As per Celebritynetworth , Ron's net worth is $7 million and he has starred in over 2000 films. >>>

  In this 25 minute long video, he is hooking up with cute girl next door teen Jada Stevens.  With all due respect, cause Ron Jeremy IS an iconic porn star living legend, you can't help but think of how great it is to be a dirty old man and still have young hot babes who will French kiss with you and let you fuck them bare in their pussy and ass hole.

Even though this is only a movie, and even for Johns who pay for a half hour or hour of intimacy with an escort, there is nothing like French kissing with a young hot babe and perhaps seeing 2 or 3 of them a week.  In the case of Ron, he is a double lucky bastard.  Not only does he get to bang young hot babes, he also gets paid for it.

I know many guys who went the "proper route" and have a wife and kids.  They are divorced and paying alimony and no way in all hell are they banging young hot babes like Ron and many other hobbyists are.  So not only is the man who went the proper route stuck with an old hag, he isn't having sex with her and he is paying big time $$$$ to be stuck in that program.

When you are almost 60 years old, have long unruly stringy hair, a fat gut and generally are not the most aesthetically appearing and a hot babe teen girl will French kiss with you, let you lick her pussy and ass hole and then let you fuck her bare in her ass hole and then cum in her mouth, THAT can be an addictive drug in it self.

Sex with young hot babes IS the drug of thee hobbyist.  I am telling ya, it will take a lot of spiritual brain washing to ever compare with the true to life drug that materializes via an older man experiencing sexual intimacy with a young woman.

IMO, in this video, Jada Stevens is not even the hottest of hot babes.  Her beauty is more girl next door.  Her body is a little plump and make up has not been applied to really bring out her enhanced beauty.  Still, the beauty of unruly old man hooking up with young hot babe vixen, shines through.  The man who does that 2 or 3 times a week, is a man who is treating him self  very well.

Here is a link to the video.  Enjoy. >>>

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