Monday, July 25, 2011

Ginger Lynn gets Triple Penetrated via Tom Byron, Marc Wallice and......

The third guy, his name I don't recall.  Tom Byron was on the bottom fucking Ginger's pussy and Marc Wallice with his curved cock sandwiched Ginger and fucked her ass hole really good.

This is a classic Dark Brothers video filmed in 1985.

Ginger is looking hot as ever and is smoking hot sexy even via today's standards despite the fact this film was made over 25 years ago.

Her black classic pumps with 4" heels are very sexy and yet conservative enough to wear to the office.

Her pussy pubic hair has a large patch that was more of the fashionable style back then.

Marc Wallice burries his cock deep with in Ginger's ass hole as Tom Byron plows her pussy.

Her ass hole appears to have the perfect fits and is surely as close to heaven as Man is gonna get on planet earth.

Marc has been out of the adult industry since being diagnosed with HIV back in 1998.  Man how time flies, that was 13 years ago.  There were at least 4 female porn stars who contracted HIV via Marc.  A Google search of his name will reveal the Wikipedia article pertaining to him and the girls he infected.

Ginger Lynn is one hot blonde with a perfect body,  lovely breasts and nicely manicured hot red finger nails.

Click here to see this classic 8 minute 43 seconds long video. >>>

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